An ongoing project documenting life in my hometown under the lockdown restrictions imposed in spring and summer 2020 to tackle the Corona Virus Outbreak.
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I live in Godalming, Surrey and during the lockdown brought on by the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, I have documenting local households who have been unable to leave their homes. Gathered on their front doorsteps, driveways and windows this time has brought families together in a way unseen since the world wars. Following self-isolation in March, all images were captured in April, May and June while always maintaining a social distance of at least 2 meters. Initially I photographed only during daily exercise walking from my home. 

My hope is these Lockdown Stories can provide a local record of this most unique time in history.

I am hoping these portraits will become a local project that will present an affectionate and honest view of life in the town (and surrounding areas) during the weeks of the corona virus lockdown. In the long term, the intention is to try and organise a local exhibition or publication of the images. Please note that your personal information will not be used in any way without written permission.
I will keep all contributors informed of the project status via email and on this page.

© 2020 By Matthew Gordon